Packages under 16 ounces ship USPS 1st class and are NOT insured. Packages 16+ ounces ship USPS priority mail & include insurance. If you are placing a smaller sized order and would like to purchase insurance for your package, please contact us.   


  • Can I drink your oils?!

PLEASE don't drink essential oils. If we had a dime for every time people asked us this question at our store, online, at fairs, at farmer's markets..... we are an aromatherapy company, our focus is on the olfactory value of natural aromatics, NOT oral use. Oil and water, they still don't mix. Essential oils are not healthful water flavoring agents.

  • Where do your oils come from? How do I know they are they are the high quality I am looking for?

Our oils are sourced from 40+ countries around the globe by suppliers with stellar reputations in the aromatherapy industry & suburb quality essential oils. We prefer to work with small, well established family businesses here on the East Coast to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our suppliers remain at the forefront of essential oil quality control by using cutting edge laboratory testing equipment. Expert analysts are trained to detect & weed out any oils showing evidence of contamination, adulteration or synthetic additives using the most up to date equipment available

  • Do you wholesale?

YES. We are also happy to create custom soaps &/or oil blends for your store or special event. Wholesale soap is $1 per ounce in bulk. Oils are wholesaled at 40% off retail price. Minimum initial wholesale order is $200, reorder mimimum is $100. Our free shipping offer does NOT apply to wholesale orders. We provide testers for your oils free of charge if you order 5 or more of the same items. Please be aware that items may go in and our of stock due to the nature of botanical based businesses.

  • Can I return my item for a refund or exchange?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL; DUE TO SANITARY REASONS BATH AND BODY PRODUCTS CAN NOT BE RETURNED. If you are averse or allergic to specific ingredients ask us beforehand for a detailed list of ingredients. If you do purchase something that you cannot/will not use we suggest giving it away as a gift or donating it to a charitable cause.

  • How long does this perfume/oil/scent last?

Botanical scents last 2-5 hours topically, on average, depending on the oils used to create the blend. Our perfume oils are 10-15% aromatics blended in a fragrance neutral carrier oil. Most do not last any longer than 5 hours unless they are very rich in base notes such as a patchouli, vetiver blend for example.

  • Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Therapeutic grade is a corporate marketing term. Other compaines will use terms such as: medical grade, certified pure therapeutic grade, food grade, soap grade. There is & never has been any regulated grading system in place for aromatherapy oils. We prefer to use the term 'therapeutic quality'. YES, our oils are therapeutic quality!