INTUITIVE AROMATHERAPY SESSIONS can be conducted remotely, or 1:1, or in small groups at our location or yours. 

Our AROMA DOME sessions are offerred at Adirondack Aromatherapy only. Our equipment is a new technology custom designed for an intensive, immersive essential oil experience. The client lies flat on his/her back quietly on our treatment table. The practitioner will place the aroma tent over your head, shoulder and torso area, adjusting to ensure the dome is comfortable & completely sealed over the top half of your body. Bring or purchase your favorite essential oil or blend, or use our specialized healing blend of frankincense, bergamot, lavender & helichrysum. We may incoroprate sound harmonics, energy work, sacred geometry & crystal therapy into your treatment for maximum healing according to individual needs. A waterless, cool air, medical grade nebulizer is placed in the tent & turned on at intervals of 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off. During your session you are encouraged to first breathe in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth, then alternate for optimal therapeutic benefit. At the end of your session you will be instructed to drink water to replenish your fluid levels and help realign your system. 

Prior payment is required.

No refunds for no shows, thank you for your understanding. 

$25 for 30 minutes. 


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